Washburn High School Class of 1961 50th Reunion

From: Paul Norton


We were so young then...Tom Romfo

We were so young when we met in 7th grade home room You in your madras plaid shirt, I in my pink oxford and charcoal pants, Me trying to be cool and having no clue other than what I could see, You, with all the cool of 8th grader but willing to start a friendship with a younger kid

I carried your books‹you got us out of every class 5 minutes early, You would stop along the way to talk with all the cutest girls, I got to pause with you to watch them light up in the conversation, Then it was off to the next class, or lunch, or hitchhiking home,

We survived eighth grade with Nueharth for history and Mahaliak for home room and English, Sixty-four rules of punctuation and spelling, And they thought all the time that you were the bad influence!
You told me stories from Science class in 9th grade, I went to Reading for fun,

We were so young, stopping on the way home at the drug store on 54th street for a cherry coke, In your basement you shared the Playboy magazines with me‹ An ear open for Bea coming down to check on the laundry or us!
Watching Rocky and Bullwinkle‹resting up for whatever the night would bring,

You were so young when you won all those medals‹your basement looked like a trophy room!
I had one little trophy from a grade school track meet, You helped me understand that it was State Farm I should play football for‹ Not the Kenny Playground team.

We were so young in our dreams of glory!
You could limp faster than half the kids in 9th grade football, Forging your parents permission to play on the team‹centering the defensive line Beating my forearms black and blue during practice when we lined up across from each other,

We were so young back then when you helped me get invited to parties, And telling me that Yvonne, or Sue, ³liked me² Although I still didn¹t have a clue about those things, I was learning from the master, You brought me along and I tried to fit in,

We were so young‹looking cool driving Lake Street in a station wagon, Trying to meet girls, seeing how the Chevy went in a one-block race, Later double dating‹Jeri and Ginger, Betsy and Carol, Betsy and Barb, I was your wingman and your were Top Gun,

We were so young, knowing more than our parents, Going to Hi-Y, Young Life, the drive-in, the Boulevard, or TOPS together, Dressing up like nurses for the Sadie Hawkins dance, Laying like hawks in the summer sun on the grass at Lake Calhoun or Nikomis with one eye open

Every year when I go back there I tell the story of you fishing at the secret lake When you wouldn¹t quit and we had to take your pole away so we could get home, I remember playing midnight broom-ball at the park, and hopping cars in the snow You were always so competitive and determined

We were so young working a summer job together in the warehouse, I still remember a joke you told me then‹about the cat who wanted a kitten for Christmas And down the alley comes a tomcat singing ³here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus²...
We were so young knowing all the secrets of life.

We were so young, yet our youth didn¹t last, You met Rachel, gave up beer, and he grew up, I went away to grad school, grew my hair, and smoked pot, But we still kept in touch, over the years, and the miles, and the past

We were so young then, and now, now we have only memories Of a best friend‹true and stalwart, lasting and strong, That I¹ll treasure until my own life is ore Tom, I loved you and miss you and I¹ll always think of you as young forever