Washburn High School Class of 1961 50th Reunion

From: Peter Thompson

My Buddy Lloyd
Lloyd Anderson was one of coolest guys in the class of ’61.  I was not, although I tried valiantly to be “in.”  He received academic honors, sports honors, and most importantly when we were 18 the sought after social status.  And, making him even cooler, Lloyd never sought out the status, he just enjoyed being himself. I was a lucky recipient of this genuine character trait.  For example, in our senior year after we had played West in hockey, Lloyd invited me to THE party.   Not only were the cool Washburn co-eds there showing their stuff, but the cool West girls (and guys like Arne Svendsen, Bobby Day, and Dick Larson) were too!    Because I was in virgin territory and dealing with the stress of not screwing up all night, it didn’t occur to me until years later what that act of friendship said about Lloyd.  This wasn’t the first or last time Lloyd showed his true character.
            In September of 1961We packed off for Rensselaer in Troy, NY where for the next four years we lived together, played hockey together, took the same classes together, partied together…you get the idea.  By this time we knew each other so well it was scary, but, try as I may, I still couldn’t be as popular, smart, or “cool” as Lloyd!  Because of his honesty his friends gave him the nickname of HBA for “Honor Board Ander”.  The spring of our senior year he and I took the LSAT together and, you guessed it, he made a higher score. 
In June of 1965 Lloyd married Mary Sue Wilson (WHS ’62) and entered Georgetown Law while I went to the U of M.   During the years when Lloyd and Mary Sue lived in Guam, Minneapolis and Alaska we continued to compare notes and collaborate on cases.  Lloyd supported me in my legal victories and defeats, but his character showed most when I was personally down.  While I was struggling through a divorce he often called, or invited me to play on his Anchorage oldtimer’s hockey team, or talked me into a quick trip to the Bahamas.  Lloyd cared about his friends.
As he wound down his law practice, Lloyd and Mary Sue moved from Anchorage to Stewart, FL and lived in an idyllic setting in a beautiful home complete with a dock on the inland coastal waterways only a few miles from his oldest son, Matt, and his grandkids.   He played on the Stewart oldtimer’s hockey team with Matt; and, of course, invited me to play with them. 
Lloyd died too young in 2009, 24 months after Mary Sue, his life-long sweetheart, died of cancer.  I miss him and feel blessed to have shared both the ups and downs of life with such a buddy.
Peter Thompson
December 20, 2010